The beauty of stone

Our natural decorative stone is intended for both inside & outside surface design, which offers a distinctive feature, authentic appeal of traditional masonry with an easy installation method without the help of skilled qualified craftsmen.

Stone panels are ideal for your projects whether new or renovation construction. Our stone panels are randomly assembled with small stone strips. Unlike others decompose or unexpectedly break up, our high quality panels allows longstanding appeal.

Useful tips:

The installation surface must be clean, vertical and waterproof and strong enough to withstand the weight of the panels.

Adhesive is very important. Use only recommended adhesives on the market.

It is recommended to remove the adhesive residue immediately with a wet sponge.

The outer walls should be laid from 2 cm - 5 cm from the ground.

The stone should not be placed outside at a temperature below 5℃.

Most of stone does not need special maintenance. However, if it’s located in a dirty or dusty environment, should occasionally be cleaned with water.


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